Install the LT Snyder Desmo Times Cooling Fan on the ST4s (2002 year model)


#1 Remove fairings, lower, upper, chin, both sides.


#2 Remove upper radiator mounting bolts (left and right sides)


#3 Free radiator from upper and lower supports and allow radiator to descend about 1-2 inches


#4 Remove three bolts that attach fan assembly to the radiator and disconnect the electrical connector



#5 Remove bolt attaching plastic fan blade to fan motor.  Take note of the fan direction (twist of blades) and match direction with new metal blade.  (The metal blade I received was incorrectly labeled)…


#6 use original nut and supplied washer.  From bottom to top, fan motor, fan, washer, then nut.  Then install by bolting fan assembly back on to radiator, then repositioning radiator, and then re-bolting radiator to frame supports as in step #2.

Installed!!!  Fairings back on and enjoy the ride…