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How to Install a manual fan switch for ST4s (Old Version - V1) - by Vinnie

1. De-panel the bike. Remove air box. (optional but it makes it easier to splice into the fan connector)    

2. ID the fan connector (left side of frame, near fan)


3. Prepare the mircomini switch as described by Mark Buckelew and others, here are photos of what I did.


3.a. Buy Switch...


3.b. attach leads, solder into place...


3.c. Heat shrink insulation


3.d. final switch prep


4. Place switch...I was able to use the clutch reservoir bracket on the ST4s

5. Splice into power (brown wire in base of fuse panel...I used the loop at the #3 fuse, the 15A Stop, Horn, Turns, Fan circuit...

6. splice in and I included a 10A inline fuse for power to the fan downstream of the Fan Relay


7. I used a black wire (16 Gauge) from micromini switch to the Fan connector.


8. Installation is complete.