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Picked up the 2006, S2R Dark and began prep doing brake caliper removal, plenty of saran wrap and rags on the wheels for protection from brake fluid...

Front and rear calipers harvested from 620i.e. Matrix to be put on the S2R...  The Dark calipers made it back to the 620i.e.  (Pulled the forks and rotors from the 620 brought the forks along, it was easier)
Matrix gold rotors make the move to the five spoke Marchesini.  Impact driver and some good Torx bits are a must to break the thread lock goop.
The S2R defies gravity...  on the Pitbull stand, suspended from the garage ceiling.
Little bit of finessing to get the rear brake master cylinder into position and plunger length set, the brake line had be be finessed as well.
Modified air box
Time for the tank...  The metal tank of the 2004 620 replaces the plastic tank of the '06 S2R.  No issue with pump and lines, had to sacrifice the quick disconnects. 

We found out the pressure regulator built into the plastic tank had to be harvested from the 620.  The 620 has its pressure regulator mounted away from the tank pump near the vertical cylinder and is pretty easily moved, just have to spend and extra couple of minutes routing the lines.  (It took us a few minutes to realize that she won't run without a fuel pressure regulator... Luckily Steve, not dad, figured it out by looking in the shop manual!!!)

Click the thumbnail image of the shop manual pages for full size image of the information from the Ducati 620 Shop manual...

CF Cam belt covers made the crossing, as did the keyed fuel cap, making sure to keep matched keys between ignition, fuel and seat...
The new Arrow exhaust, looks great, nice and clean and sounds even better!

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