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My 998s FE after a winter wash...

Since joining the Ducatisti in 2002, well actually well before that, I have wanted to have a 996 or 998, fall of 2006 my dream was realized when I purchased a 2004 998s FE.  It is awesome.  I still have my ST4s and divide my riding time between them. 

My son Steve and I ride together frequently.  He has converted an S2R (2006) to a "Matrix Monster"  He had a 2004 620ie and brought all the cool bits to the 800 S2R.  The web site explains it all or at least includes the photos.  He did a great job and is very happy and proud of his achievement.





22 October 2020 - New Battery installed, Yuasa YT12B-BS Battery The old battery was 6 years old, passed down from the ST4s in 2016.

21 Feb 2018 - Changed brake fluid and clutch fluid: flush, fill, and bleed.   Also flushed cooling system with Liqui-Moly cooling system flush and refilled with Engine Ice.

16 Feb 2018 - Very please with the LED headlight modification done on my 998sFE.  Swapped in LED bulbs for instrument panel gauges (speedometer and tachometer) as well as High Beam indicator and Neutral indicator.  Cannot use the LED bulb for turn signal indicator due to polarity maybe? and cannot use for the low fuel light (it stays on all time resistance value?)  Looks nice, tachometer and speedometer especially so.

29 Dec 2017 - Much has happened since the last update; in the latest news, I am in process of a headlight upgrade to LED.  I obtained a spare headlight assembly ($350) and a SaberLED light kit from DDM Tuning.  To make the left side bulb fit, given the size of the projector reflector assembly, I had to modify the reflector by cutting about 3/4" out of the parabolic shape reflector nearest the mounting bezel - front or larger opening end.  Photos and details will be in the modification page.  The reflector has to be shortened due to the small cooling fan on the back of the LED bulb.

Originally, I had thought I would install an HID kit but the slim ballast and the two large CANBUS electric filters on each side were just too bulky for me and made the back side of the nose fairing look like a rummage sale in a bird's nest.

The stock bulbs in the original headlight assembly are preserved for future but I cannot see going back to them on my own, as the light is so dim at night that I simply refused to ride it at night.  I just could not see anything beyond several yards in front of the bike, new halogen bulbs and clear glass, they still worked like a 1920's era coal miner's lamp.

10 Dec 2017 - New rear tire, Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Motorcycle 190/50ZR-17.  Putting my tire machine to good use and my tire balancing skills too!  Spent some time on ride height check, using the old "Section8" set up technique and cross referencing Ducati data as well as using the Motowheels Ride Height measurement tool.   The data is in the Maintenance section.

I need to double check chain length data and rear eccentric position, viewed from the left side of the bike, my eccentric is now at the 6:00 ~ 5:30 o'clock position... which is OK.  My chain is 94 links which is the stock length if I am to believe what I have read in the workshop manual.  Stock Chain is 525 94 links with a 15T front sprocket and 36T rear.

I have a 14T front sprocket with a 36T rear now, previously I had a 38T rear and the eccentric was in the 7:00~7:30 position, which I don't think was good but didn't dwell on it at the time, I think I should have a 525 96 link chain if I want to run that 38T rear.  I do have the first generation AFAM quick change carrier.

May 2017 - Completed my steering stem nut mod and install of RAM mount on new steering stem nut for my phone...looks great, details will get put in modification's page.

8 Apr 2017 - 12K service completed.  Valve adjustments and Timing belts replaced along with oil (Shell Advance 15w50 and K+N 153 filter).  Also replaced the cooling system hoses with Silicon hose kit and installed aluminum coolant reservoir. 

17 Mar 14 - Flushed and filled cooling system, oil and filter changed, Mobile 1 4T 10w40 with K+N153 oil filter

3 Aug 2013 - Been feeling like the bike handling is too harsh over bumps and seams...not confidence inspiring.  Made bold shift to soften the compression damping front and rear.  settings noted in maintenance section.  Went to 24 clicks on front tubes, (they were at 10) and similar in rear, 20 clicks where it was at 12...  .

29 Apr 2013 - Fitted Pirelli Diablo Corsa rear tire, 190/55ZR17 and 120/70ZR-17 Pirelli Diablo Corsa III front tire.  Source Motorcycle Superstore, $198.99 - free shipping.

2 Nov 2012 - Installed SW-Motech Quick Lock Electric Tankring and Tank Bag --12V Electronic Tank Ring

17/18 March 2012 - Complete service...9800mi

5 April 2011 - Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber rear hugger installed, like the looks and will be happy to not have road dirt flung onto rear shock!

5 November 2010 - Helibar install...about time, i am looking forward to the difference, little more leverage plus more comfortable riding positions!  Few STM widgets, frame plugs and oil fill plug.  Installed CRG brake and clutch levers, very happy with looks!  Some billet reservoir covers, will post photos soon.

3 Oct 2010, finally back from Tampa!!!  Glad to be back to Tennessee and with family and back to my 998sFE.  New front tire Pirelli Diablo Corsa III120/90-ZR17 in place!

7 September 2009 - nice ride and just enough to finish up that Michelin back tire...time for a Pirelli Diablo replacement...back wheel removed.  Key is having an impact wrench to get that nut off.  Torque value is 170 N-m but getting it off requires a bit more than that...quite a bit!  So, back wheel will go to Alain at Corse Motorsports in Nashville and I should have a nice new rear tire for our trip to Knoxville, TN 24-27 Sep.  Can't wait!  Other than a few rides, couple of washes and a new Ducati Superbike cover, no new news.

January 2008 - Enough sun to wash and detail but too cold to ride

2 November 2007 - Speedy Moto clutch cover, pressure plate, springs, and spring caps arrive and are installed...very nice

28 July 2007 - Pirelli Diablo Corsa III on front wheel

21 June 2007 - Michelin Pilot Power CT2 front tire recalled... waiting to get replacement :( 

6 May 2007 - 998s FE web site up and running.

22 April 2007 - Plenty of developments, My 998S FE is freshly serviced (6000 miles) and has new Michelins front and rear; total price ~$1300.  Need to post valve adjustment data, Alain did a great job, she runs silky smooth and incredibly strong.

1 October 2006 - Purchased a 2004 998s Final Edition.  It sure is a beautiful motorcycle.

If you have any comments or questions on this site, my 998s, the ST4s, or my son's S2R Matrix Monster, please e-mail me at grimah1w@hotmail.com



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