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Events and Receipts

1.  600 mi First service

2.  3,000 mi oil change

3.  6,000 mi service

4.  Forks serviced at 6K

5. New RK 525 chain, rear sprocket replaced with AFAM 38T (included new carrier) -- front still has 14T...

6. Forks Serviced at 9K (5Nov2010)

7. Timing Belts replaced, front brake system complete overhaul,  oil change (18 March 2012)

8. 1 Mar 14, Cooling system flush and Engine Ice replace plus Thermostat replace

Full Torque Specs for 998s Fasteners:

Full Torque specs in MS Excel:

Handy Torque Specs for '04 998s:

  Ft-Lb N-m
Front Wheel Pinch Bolts 14 19
Front Wheel Shaft Nut 46 63
Front Brake Caliper Retaining Bolts 31.7 43
Rear Wheel LH Nut 115 156
Rear Wheel RH Nut 130 176
Rear Swing arm eccentric chain adjust pinch bolts (14mm bolt head) 23 31

Oil quantity: 3.7L ~ 3.9Qrts

Oil change related torque values:

  Ft-Lb N-m
Oil Filter Cartridge 8 11
Oil Drain Plug 31 42
Oil Screen (mesh filter) 31 42
Oil Screen Plug 31 42


Front Wheel Installation:

You can use a dowel inserted from the left side to hold the wheel in position. Put anti-seize or grease on the axle and then insert it from the right side (of the bike). To avoid damaging the thin-walled axle, tap it in gently and rotate it using the special tool from your Ducati tool kit. Once it is in, line up the holes in the axle with the holes in the axle clamps so that the through-holes allow screwdriver access to the compression valve adjusters.

The common mistake made here is to just tighten everything up at this point. Instead, here’s the proper sequence to assure that the forks are aligned.

1.  Temporally tighten-up the two RIGHT side axle clamp bolts so you can torque the axle nut.

2.  Put on the (left side) 28mm axle nut and torque it (63Nm.)

3.  Then torque the two LEFT side clamp bolts (19Nm.)

4.  Now, put the brake calipers back on using the proper torque setting (43 Nm.)

5.  Now, loosen the two RIGHT side clamp bolts.

6.  Take the bike off the paddock stand, and bounce the suspension up and down till you are sure that the right side fork has moved to the proper (neutral) position along the axle. (It makes it easier to compress the suspension if you hold the front brake on when rocking the bike forward.)

7.  Once this is done, torque the two RIGHT side clamp bolts to 19Nm, reconnect the speedometer cable, and you’re done.

-- Credit to "Shazaam" of San Diego, CA as posted on Ducati.ms

1.  Right Fork seal seeping -- Ohlins Fork Serviced, seal replaced during 6K service.

2. Front Brake Master Cylinder return port clogged

3.  Info / Gouge on Setup and Run of JP Diag - ECU Diagnostic Software

Suspension Info



Preload (4 Sep 17)

F1 138 R1 197
F2 111 R2 181
F3 96 R3 152
    Front Rear
1-2 Static Sag 27 16
1-3 Rider Sag 42 45

Ohlins recommendations:

    Front Rear
1-2 Static Sag 15-30 10-20
1-3 With Rider 35-50 25-40


Preload (1 Mar 11)

F1 115 R1 232
F2 96 R2  
F3 85 R3  
    Front Rear
1-2 Static Sag 19 8
1-3 Ride Height 30 35

*measurements in mm.

3 August 2013

Front Rear
Compression Damping 24 20
Rebound Damping 12 14

Tire Pressures: Front- 33PSI; Rear- 35PSI


Setting Ride Height:  Using Motowheels tool, measured from top edge of bracket to top edge inside of rear axle: following Section8 target geometry, my measured R1 value was 232mm

(Section8 procedure linked below, was to measure from the top of the carrier nut (left side rear axle nut) to the upper exhaust mounting bolt (bracket shaped like figure 8) his target was ~ 604mm (R1) with the eccentric at 6:00 o'clock position which per above equates to 232mm with my Motowheels tool.


Reference Manuals:

2004 998s FE Owner's Manual - English  

2004 998s FE Parts Manual - monoposto

2002 998s Workshop Manual

Section8 suspension setup 748/916/996/998