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Purchased another ST4s, this one is a 2002 ST4s in Ducati Titanium Matte aka Bat Barf Grey - BBG.  It shall be known as BBG-ST4s, my No.2 ST4s


28 July 2020:

27 July 2020: Started work on the BBG-ST4s!  She was in running condition at the start.  Houston Superbikes flashed DP ECU 5.9MM.  Let it warm to get a compression check, then shut it down and drained the fuel, started disassembly.  It sat for about 5 years, with only occasional starts... should have been a clue that something might make a home in the air box, just like a story I read on .   Sure enough, when I pulled the air box cover (which was still OEM BTW) the nest and signs of a mouse or something were sight to behold!  LOL  The photo below, shows the air box cover top (upside down) and the debris side of the K+N Filter, which washed up perfectly!

22 July 2020: Purchased a used 2002 ST4s in Snowmass Village, CO, trailer-ed it home to Tennessee.


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