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Welcome to Vinnie's Ducatis -- The '02 BBG ST4s section





Thanks for checking in. 

Purchased another ST4s, this one is a 2002 ST4s in Ducati Titanium Matte aka Bat Barf Grey - BBG.  It shall be known as BBG-ST4s, my No.2 ST4s

In tribute to Aryton Senna, Ducati released the ST4s in 2004 with red wheels in Senna Edition...I was fortunate enough to find a set of the ST4s Marchesini wheels from a 2004 being parted out, and brought them to my 2002 BBG ST4s to make it a "Senna".

After a complete teardown and thorough cleaning and inspection, I reassembled with replacement of worn or anything unserviceable.   Cleaning up the wiring, removed poor or unnecessary electrical splices and connections.  Used OEM quality AMP connectors etc. 





22 January 2021:  Completed the overhaul of the Showa Forks on the BBG ST4s.  My "how to guide" for the ST4s Showa Fork Overhaul is here.  I learned a few things and while the Showa 43mm fork is pretty common, the versions as installed on the 2002 and 2003 ST4s are unique.  Spectro 5w fork oil and fresh inner and outer bushings along with new seals and new dust wipers.  Also installing the "Senna" wheels that are from a 2004 ST4s Senna to make my 2002 BBG ST4s Senna.

27 September 2020: the BBG ST4s joins the fleet!

September 2020:

I prefer the look of the regular nose fairing as opposed to the DP Comfort Fairing...


Side panels were modified by the original owner to fit and be removable while the nose fairing is still installed.  Metal bar with well nuts spans the gap.


Corrected the electrical mods and the Centech AP-2 power distribution panel


Fabricated a bracket for the Nautilus Horn and relocated and used the Ducati OEM horn bracket, moved it to desired position, exchanged bolts and spacers and reoriented the steel brocket to hold my stainless steel bracket that is attached to the horn body.



Fabricated a license plate turn signal relocator and fender eliminator


Beginning to look more bike like.  DP seat (it is pretty cool and feel quite comfortable)


Fueled and started right up, let the vinegar and distilled water come to temp and circulate for a while before drain and thorough flush.  Also notice fitted right side fan and led illuminated manual control switch.


New AFAM rear sprocket 43T; Sil exhaust cleaned and reinstalled


New silicon hoses, temps sensors, etc.   Thorough flush with vinegar and distilled water, x2.


Cleaned and lubed swing arm, with functioning stock ride height adjustment link and cleaned Ohlins rear shock and spring (still stock spring weight)


13 September 2020:  Engine back into frame


Some wiring to correct.  (Some great kit as modifications - DD Headlight, Fused Power distribution panel, heavy duty wiring to Powerlet socket under seat, Nautilus Horn, Heated grips, just need to be tidied up, plus I added right side fan and made both manual control)  Cleaned up the loom with nice chemical resistant PVC sleeving and got rid of the corrugated split plastic.  Above is photo of the Centech AP-2 power panel.


Early version Helibars...pulled and cleaned them when I serviced the forks.


Mid September 2020:   Parts arriving and return from 5th Annual Moto Trip with Kelly Hines...time to begin putting it back together.  Fresh bearings for the fixed and adjustable timing pulleys.  Plus of course new California Cycle Works Exact Fit belts.


August 2020:  disassembly and cleaning continues...Clutch was recently replaced by the original owner and pressure plate with star retainer and is in great shape


Noticed the front sprocket was reversed...didn't get much run time that way, about 1K mi since last replacement.

New lower and upper chain sliding shoe for  the swing the bolts to fix the slider to the swing arm


Yikes, removed this "splice" below if you can all it that.  I think the original AMP connector must have melted and they cut in a MOLEX connector for the fuel tank pump and fuel level sending unit...I returned it to correct AMP connector.


Fresh head gaskets, clean pistons, valves and heads cleaned and lapped.



Plenty of carbon on the pistons and heads:

Corrosion in the intakes, maybe he ran Seafoam into it???


28 July 2020: Of course the mouse entrance was to get around the VRR, then into the air box.

27 July 2020: Started work on the BBG-ST4s!  She was in running condition at the start.  Houston Superbikes flashed DP ECU 5.9MM.  Let it warm to get a compression check, then shut it down and drained the fuel, started disassembly.  It sat for about 5 years, with only occasional starts... should have been a clue that something might make a home in the air box, just like a story I read on .   Sure enough, when I pulled the air box cover (which was still OEM BTW) the nest and signs of a mouse or something were sight to behold!  LOL  The photo below, shows the air box cover top (upside down) and the debris side of the K+N Filter, which washed up perfectly!

22 July 2020: Purchased a used 2002 ST4s in Snowmass Village, CO, brought it home to Tennessee.


If you have any comments or questions on this site or the ST4s that you would like to direct to me, please e-mail me at

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